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MST (Mobile Specialised Technologies)

MST (Mobile Specialised Technologies) is the market leader in the provision and operation of specialised mobile vehicles in southern Africa. Driving change in education, health and administrative solutions, MST manufactures and manages specialised mobile vehicles for a range of clients including public and private partners. MST offers a full, turn-key solution from conceptualisation, through to design, manufacture, and operations and maintenance.

Mobile Health Clinics logo

Mobile Health Clinics (MHC)

Mobile Health Clinics brings together public-private partnerships to efficiently deliver health care services through specialised mobile vehicles. The top-of-the-range mobile clinics are able to provide quality healthcare to patients in their communities, whether in remote rural villages or on a company premise. Mobile Health Clinics provides services directly in a community – decreasing the financial burden on the individual or family. We pride ourselves on a unique offering in the marketplace namely a complete turnkey solution to mobile health care that bridges the gap between your mandate for social impact and service delivery on the ground. MHC clinics are fully adaptable to a client’s needs, whether they need a mobile HIV clinic, a mobile diabetes testing centre, or a mobile counselling centre, MHC has a solution available.

Mobile Processing Solutions logo

Mobile Processing Solutions (MPS)

Mobile Processing Solutions brings vital services to hard-to-reach locations across Africa by building and managing technology and administrative-based mobile units. The services delivered in these specialised mobile vehicles enable remote communities to gain access to basic services, improving the quality of lives across Africa. Thanks to the multi-functionality and internet accessibility of MPS mobile units, the units’ purpose and use is unlimited when it comes to administrative services such as processing of identity documents, land claims or even mobile courts.

Mobile Student Future logo

Mobile Student Future (MSF)

Mobile Student Future takes education and training to underserved communities using spesialised mobile vehicles. They offer mobile examination preparation, mobile libraries, mobile science and maths centres, training campaigns for companies and educators, and mobile classroom solutions to previously inaccessible communities.